What is a Megger Tester and Why to Get It?

Megger tester

Megger tester and megohmmeters designed for portability are intended to assist in the prevention of potential dangers.

Such as electric shock and short-circuiting, which can be brought on by the gradual degradation of insulation in electrical devices, parts, and equipment used in manufacturing facilities, buildings, and other environments.

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What is it?

Insulation resistance can be measured in ohms or megohms, and the megger insulation tester.

Which is a compact and portable instrument, provides you a direct readout of that value. 

The resistance should typically be in the megohm region for the insulation to be effective.

The megger is the instrument that is utilized for the purpose of measuring the insulation’s resistance. 

The resistance of the insulation is compared with a value of resistance that is already known, which is how it functions on the basis of the principle of comparison. 

If the resistance of the insulation is high, the pointer of the moving coil will deflect towards infinity.

However, if the resistance of the insulation is low, the pointer will show that there is no resistance. 

When compared to other types of equipment, the megger has a high degree of accuracy.

What is the purpose of it?

The megger tester is a method of testing that helps to check the state of electrical insulation by making use of an insulation tester resistance meter. 

An electrical system’s insulation resistance quality will deteriorate over time as a result of exposure to environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, moisture, and dust particles.

A decrease in an electrical system’s insulation resistance quality is caused by the passage of time.

As well as, changes in environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, moisture, and dust particles. 

It also gets impacted badly due to the presence of electrical and mechanical stress.

Which is why it has become very vital to monitor the IR (Insulation resistance) of equipment at a consistent regular period.

In order to avoid any measures that might be lethal or electrical shock.

Types of megger testers:

  • Digital display.

A digital display to show IR value in digital form.

  • Selection switches.

Switches use to select electrical parameters ranges.

  • Wire leads.

 Two wires lead for connecting megger with electrical external system to be tested.


  • It allows us to understand the insulating resistance of electrical equipment such as motors, transformers, and so on.
  • It also determines their healthiness.
  • Physical damage can be detected, which may result in an electrical shock due to leaks.


  • It needs two people, hand-driven meggers are less desired over electric meggers.

 One for cranking and one for testing.

  • Accuracy fluctuates as the megger is turned on and off.


  • Keep a safe distance from the leads while operating.
  • Before conducting a test, isolate the electrical equipment.
  • Megger should not be used if any portion of it is damaged, as it is dangerous to use.
  • Before contacting any connection or circuit, it is recommended to turn off the megger tester and manually discharge circuits.
  • Test leads, including Crocodile clips, must be in good working order.

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