types of electrical transformers

A transformer is a widely used device in the electrical and electronics domain. It is an electromagnetic device that follows the basic principle of electromagnetism, they are used in different and various types of applications. However, all types of transformers follow the same principles but they have different construction methods.

What is an electrical transformer and what are its components?

The transformer is a static electromagnetic electrical device, which converts magnetic energy into electrical energy in an alternating current system, as the direct current does not contain fluctuating current that creates a magnetic field affecting the change in the amount of force produced

How to choose the right types of electrical transformers:

To determine the types of electrical transformers firstly you have to choose the perfect and most qualified company to deal with such as Power House, the suitable company you need for your project, some basic factors must be considered :


the voltage measured in volts.

the current measured in amperes.

The line voltage.

After knowing the above, you should determine your pregnancy type, monophasic or triphasic, and use the appropriate formula from the following:

Power for single-phase surges = (current x voltage)/ 1000

Power for three-phase surges = (current x voltage x 1.732)/ 1000

As a result of the process, choose a transformer whose capacity is equal to the resulting value, and it is preferable to choose a transformer whose capacity exceeds the output capacity, taking into account the possibility of the expansion of loads in the future

Types of electrical transformers :
Power House offers you different types of transformers as :

Audio transducer: It works on removing the ground noises from audio signals by encapsulating the main transducer with magnetic shields.

Autotransformers: They are used at low power, contain only one coil, cannot isolate the circuits, and are usually smaller, lighter, and cheaper than other inverters.

Constant current transformer: which is called the regulator, in which there is a self-adjusting secondary winding that provides an output current that can withstand any load within its power range and is usually used in street lighting.

Distribution transformer: mains

Alternator step-up transformer: Step up the voltage levels to a suitable long-distance transmission voltage.

It bears the same conductor number as in 2010, it was marked as Balanced.

Industrial control transformer: supplies power to devices with a constant current or voltage that may be sensitive to changes in electrical current, such as solenoids, relays, or other electromechanical devices.

Surface network adapter: isolates the communication lines in the landline and Internet lines.

All kinds of devices connected to each other are installed.

And many more types of transformers you can read and know about from our website.

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