the types of screw compressors

the types of screw compressors
Compressed air has gained great importance in recent years after it has become an essential element in the work of many institutions and industrial facilities, as many entrepreneurs are looking for the best air compressor products that help them organize the work cycle in their institutions and achieve the desired productivity. Power House offers all services related to air compressors and related equipment like all the types of screw compressors, based on adapting the latest technologies and modern tools, which made many, in the experience, classify it as one of the best air compressor companies in Egypt.What is the screw compressor? A screw compressor is a type of rotary displacement compressor that is usually oil-free, which means that it compresses a set amount of air which continuously decreases in volume. The compressor element consists of a stator screw mounted in a housing and a motor-driven, eccentric rotating screw.

Types of screw compressors

Screw compressors are available in two types, one of them is oil injected and the other is water filled with no oil finishing: *The Oil-Free screw compressor: It is characterized by its ability to greatly control the pressure, and this contributes to saving energy consumption by a large percentage, and its efficiency is high, and it is equipped with sound insulation that prevents the occurrence of noise, and this makes it an ideal choice for a quiet working environment. *The Injected with oil compressor: It contains an integrated dryer and is characterized by being floor-mounted, in addition to being easy to install and operate, and its maintenance is very easy. Power House Egypt is an agent for one of the largest, oldest, and most important production companies of screw compressors in the world, the American company SULLAIR screw air compressor. We offer services for selling, renting, and operating screw compressors.

What are the uses of the types of screw compressors?

  Screw compressors are used in many sectors, such as: * Oil . * Constructions. * Mining. * Food and beverage industries. * Pharmaceuticals and medical industries. * Fish farms. * Service stations for cars. * Sewage treatment systemsHow do the types of screw compressors work?   The coils are fitted with rotation of 180° to form air pockets of gradually variable size. This provides the screw elements with radial stability. Leakage is minimized because there is a pressure difference in the air which is less than the pressure difference between the entrance point and the output point. The rotary screw is driven by a short-stroke shaft and moves eccentrically around the center of the fixed screw. When the coil moves, the air is drawn into and trapped in one of the air pockets, it is gradually compressed as it moves towards the center where the outlet port and the check valve are located. The compression cycle lasts 2.5 turns, then a constant, virtually impulse-free airflow is provided. The process takes place in silence and relatively without vibration since there is almost no difference in the torque of the element compared to a piston compressor
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