Electric generators

Electric generators have become an essential factor that cannot be replaced within industrial facilities, as they play an important role in running the production wheel and maintaining the regularity of the work cycle, and presence of electric generators inside worksites contributes to providing alternative sources of energy, all of this makes a great demand for their acquisition

Qualified companies that manufacture the Electric Generators:

When searching for an electric generator, an important factor that concerns customers and companies besides efficiency and reliability is the cost of purchasing the equipment, here in Power House we have many different types of electric generators, powered by diesel, gasoline, natural gas, and others, with a wide range of prices. The price of electric generators varies according to the type of energy used in the generator, the size of the generator, and the purpose of its use

power house provides:

Diesel generators that have a lifespan of up to 24 months, they are easy to use, and work well in the cold, but are never suitable for wet conditions as moisture results in unburned fuel seeping into exhaust systems. Diesel generators also have a reasonable operating cost, do not require constant maintenance, and have a long life span.

Power House also provides services for supplying electric energy sources and many other services related to supplying industrial facilities with renewable energy. In everything we offer to our customers, we rely on innovative solutions and the use of the best modern technologies, all of these services we offer at competitive prices that you will not find anywhere else

Power House Facilities

We offer all types of approved electric generators, which are subject to many tests before being offered to customers so that we are completely certain that they will work with the highest efficiency and perform the role required of them, and we also offer the best prices for electric generators, whether they are for sale or rent. 

Many business owners search for electric generators to rent more than to buy; they want to obtain an electric generator for a limited role, and thus the purchase becomes a higher cost for them without needing it,

and there are many companies currently inside Egypt that provide generators for rent, but within Power House Egypt we have leadership in the field of renting electricity generators in Egypt, as we have been providing this service in the Egyptian market for the past 28 years

Electric Generators costs:

When you are looking for an electric generator, the price is one of the most important factors that determine the identity of the company you deal with, but within Power House, we give our customers other advantages besides our special prices, which is that the generator you get is supervised by one of the best experts and engineers, We also have three customer service centers in Cairo, the Red Sea, and the West Desert to support all our customers in Egypt with professional employees to provide quality services with fast turnaround time in ease of delivery and logistics to reflect our true partnership. 

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