Benefits of an Earth Tester

Benefits of an Earth Tester

Earth tester is the name of the device used to gauge the earth’s resistance. The earth electrode serves as the connection between the ground and all of the power system’s equipment. 

Equipment and people are shielded from fault current by the ground. The ground has a relatively low level of resistance. 

The earth receives the fault current that flows via the earth electrode. prevents harm to the system as a result.

The high potential of the equipment, which is brought on by strong lightning surges and voltage spikes, is controlled by the earth electrodes. 

For the safety of the earth electrodes, the neutral of the three-phase circuit is also linked to them.

It is crucial to ascertain the resistance of the specific location from which the earthen pit may be dug before outfitting the equipment with earthing. 

An earth tester instrument is used to measure the earth’s resistance, in order for the fault current to quickly travel to the ground, the earth should have low resistance. 

Why use an Earth Tester?

Testing earth connections on a frequent basis is necessary because these connections are susceptible to damage from a wide variety of causes.

Including corrosion, loose connections, insulation that has been crimped beneath screw terminals, and the use of wire that is too tiny for the connection.

An earth test verifies that the installed safety measures will function as expected in the event of an electrical failure. 

During the test, the resistance that exists between the earth point of an appliance or power point and the switchboard will be measured. 

When the resistance is low, it ensures that in the case of a failure, the current will travel to the earth point, where it will be safe, rather than escaping to the outside.

When an electrical current leaks out into the outside world, there is a risk of fire, electric shock, and even death.

Digital Earth tester

When these circumstances are met, the measuring of earth’s resistance necessitates the use of a Digital Earth Tester.

  • The measurement of the earth’s resistance in challenging conditions, such as when there is noise present in the earth.
  • Earth Resistance Measurements for Large Complex Earthing Systems
  • Precise measurement of the earth’s resistance at the site of the substation, where the range of soil resistivity values is likely to be wide.

Why Earth testing?

This test is designed to identify and localize high resistance junctions, which are a common side effect of corrosion in exposed conductor systems. This is the objective of using an Earth tester.

If the test is not finished, it indicates that the electrical safety check does not comply with the standards, which puts both the agency and the owner in danger.

More significantly, if an earth connection is broken, inhabitants are put in danger of being involved in electrical mishaps, which have the potential to result in electric shock, fire, and even death.

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