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Water processing and Treatment Services

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In the oil and gas industry, Preliminary treatment of crude oil leads to the generation of highly contaminated water referred to as process water …Under environmental regulations, such water may undergo suitable treatment to enable its disposal or use in water flooding.

Service Details

Power House offers the following treatment operations:

1. De-oiling – Removal of free and dispersed oil and grease present in process water.

2. Soluble organics removal – Removal of dissolved organics.

3. Disinfection – Removal of bacteria, microorganisms, algae.

4. Suspended solids removal – Removal of suspended particles and sand.

5. Dissolved gas removal – Removal of light hydrocarbon gases, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, etc.

6. Softening – Removal of excess water hardness.

7. Desalination-Process of removing salts and other minerals including chlorides, sulfates, and nitrates from water.

Power House employs Reverse Osmosis, which is arguably the most economical and accepted process for desalinating brackish and seawater. The company offers water desalination packages to:

-Water treatment services produce drinking water from sea water or brackish water

-Water treatment services reduce the salinity of seawater or brackish water to be suitable for use in boilers for instance -Reduce the hardness of water for various industries

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