The best quality control services from Power House Company


Power House is one of the leading companies in the field of energy solutions, we provide you with the best quality control services that help you to continue your successful business process.

We always strive for all our customers to reach the success they aspire to, by providing quality control services to test and improve their products.

What are quality control services?

The concept of quality is no longer confined to the final forms of products, as it used to be; especially in light of the consumer’s awareness today, and their ability to properly judge the quality of the product. 

In quality control services, Power House offers you the following:

1- Non-destructive tests.

2- Mechanical tests.

3- Electrical tests.

4- Environmental measurements.

Non-destructive testing:

Non-destructive testing is also known as non-destructive testing, and its idea is to test the quality of products without affecting, destroying, or damaging them; Either at the time of the test or a later date.

Powerhouse NDT includes the following:

1- Non-destructive tools and services:

All our tests are done by professionals, and we aim to determine the quality of things using VT tests or by visual inspection Like:

The quality of welding processes in general.

    Welding certificates.

    welding techniques.

    incomplete welding.

    Weld joint preparation.

    Electrodes case.

    Welding machines and tools.

    Cleaning of smelting waste.

    The quality of the welding current.

Our services also include quality control through non-destructive testing, specialized in welding tools and weather conditions.

2- Positive material tests:

In this test, Powerhouse tests lead-based paint, soil metals testing, and consumer goods tests, with its Niton XL2 Gold, to identify metallic alloys.

Our devices provide accurate detection of light elements (MG, AL, SI, S, P) without a helium purging vacuum.

3- Metallic pigment tests:

These tests at Powerhouse are intended to detect cracks, blemishes, and pores, through the PT’s pigment penetration test.

4- Ultrasound tests:

This test is one of the most important and accurate tests that reveal the quality of welding in steel structures, pipes, tanks, and others, through echoes reflected from the density and propagation of sound waves.

We can also at Powerhouse through this test; Inspection of material integrity and thickness according to API 110, AWS D1.1, ASME V.

5- Magnetic particle tests:

In this test, we detect surface defects and identify any defects that cross the magnetic field, through the MP test, which is more sensitive than the pigment penetration test.

This test can be performed by API 1104, ASME V, AWS D1.1. 

    Mechanical tests

At Powerhouse, we analyze and measure vibration, test injectors and pumps, and fuel economy through the following:

1- Balance tests:

At Powerhouse we offer a rotary balance weighing up to 1100 kg, with a diameter of 1580 mm.

2- Diesel injection tests:

This test guarantees you; Efficient fuel performance, reduced maintenance costs and labor time, and improved diesel engine reliability.

2- Vibration measurement and analysis:


This test provides an increase in productivity; By measuring vibration limits conforming to international standards.


3- Grease oils analysis services:


Lubricant analysis helps detect and predict future failures of lubricants, which include gearboxes, engine oils, power steering, hydraulic fluids, and transmission media.

Electrical tests

Electrical testing services provided by Power House include the following:

1- Insulation Measurements:

Insulation sometimes decreases if the equipment is submerged in water, and these measurements allow you to avoid hazards that low insulation may cause.

2- Thermal imaging:

In this service, we provide you with predictive maintenance services for electrical panels, rotating equipment, power wires, and heat exchangers.

3- Earth resistance measurement:

This unique ground test allows you to; Measurement of four-pole poles for stability measurement, soil resistance testing, as well as selective testing using cables and poles.

4- Energy analysis:

This test enables you to measure and qualify harmonics in the electrical network, allowing you to make decisions and implement effective plans.

Environmental Measurements

In this context, Power House provides you with the following:


1- Noise tests:

This test allows you to keep your employees safe, who are exposed to noise, which may affect the health of employees, and expose them to hearing loss after some time.


2- Gas Monitoring:

This test allows you to monitor for hazardous, elevated gases that may affect the health of workers.


3- Light intensity tests:

LUX measures how well the light source illuminates the workspace; To achieve the best employment opportunities for your employees, which means more production.


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