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Solar Panels in Egypt

solar energy in Egypt

renewable energy in Egypt
Egypt and other sun-drenched Middle Eastern countries are expected to represent a huge market for solar energy. Indeed, several countries in the region are getting committed to solar energy and Power House is fully involved and engaged in that energy transition.

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Solar Energy Solutions
Based upon German partnership and technology, Power House offers all types of PV systems needed to start your own solar systems.

Solar Energy-Diesel Hybrid System Solutions

  1. You now can save up to 60% of fuel cost for your generator with PV-Diesel Hybrid Solution.
  2. It allows PV system to penetrate up to 60% of generator loading to save cost fuel and reduce CO2 emission.

Residential Solar System Solutions

  1. Rooftop mounted PV modules to decrease electric bill.
  2. Also having own business with 15-year profits.
  3. Power House design install and build your system in few days. Our residential solar solution are Only at Min of 150Kwp.

Commercial Solar System Solutions

Innovative solutions for Solar PV system on top of Parking areas, rivers,  supermarkets, hotels, factories or even a free piece of land. We offer you various types of systems to have your own PV generating station and make a profit. Our Commercial solutions start from 150 KWp up to 100MWp.

Why choose Power House when it comes to solar energy solutions?

We handle every aspect of the projects from start to finish

In order to make the process as simple and easy as possible for our customers, Power House is an all-in-one solar energy provider. This means that we provide all types and packages of photo voltaic systems taking care of every aspect of the project from site survey and analysis, to financing, engineering, installation and maintenance.

-No upfront cost

We have now partnered with one of the main global solar energy players (xxx???) to prevent our customers from investing in the relatively high initial costs of PV systems. This means that we design, install and get the system working for no upfront cost to customers. Therefore, projects involving long-term power planning can be secured through fixed electricity prices for 25 years (contract period).

-Simple and very beneficial contracts

Power Purchasing Agreements are very beneficial to customers in that they allow the end-user to only pay for the power he consumes. Which is expected to become, in the next few years, less than what will be charged by the national Egyptian power supplier.

Wide Variety of solar energy solutions

We provide photo voltaic solutions as On-Grid, Off-Grid and Diesel Hybrid systems.

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