solar energy in Egypt

Solar Energy in Egypt and its Advantages

Why should we use Solar Energy in Egypt?

  • Solar energy has become a clean source of electricity.
  • The cost of installing solar panels systems is already within reach of the middle class.
  • In marginal areas, the cost of producing electricity from renewable sources,
    such as solar energy, is lower than conventional electricity because of the savings in the construction of infrastructure and laying of cables.
  • Now the energy of any home, irrigation system or network of streets can be provided through the sun. 

What are the Advantages of using Solar Energy in Egypt?


  • Sustainable and renewable solar energy is a natural source of sunlight
  • Solar energy or solar panels are easy to install and do not require special skills or equipment, unlike wind stations that require special operational capabilities.
  • Solar Panels can be installed on rooftops in small household projects.
    Unlike wind power that requires extensive facilities and projects.
  • Can be used in remote locations that are not connected by electric cables, which is the best way to obtain electricity in the mountains and the desert and the sea which is also used to meet the needs of electricity for satellites.
  • Solar energy does not require maintenance, where the panels are installed once and only little remains to be cleaned and sprayed with water to maintain regularity.
  • Solar energy is almost invisible,
    especially when these solar 
    panels are used on roofs.
  • Solar power plants and solar panels in homes do not cause any
    emissions or noise 
    and do not cause any adverse effect on the environment.
  • Attractive investment in the case of selling the product to electricity distribution companies
  • Solar Energy, as a renewable source of energy, avoids current and future price increases

Therefore, using solar energy is highly recommended to be used nowadays.


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