Renewable energy in Egypt

Renewable Energy in Egypt

Renewable Energy in Egypt and its Uses

First of all, renewable energy in Egypt is a new way of energy to reduce the economic and environmental burdens of traditional energy sources such as oil,
coal and natural gas.

Pros of Renewable Energy in Egypt

There are a range of features that makes it a great source of energy, most notably:

  • Renewable energy in Egypt is environmentally friendly and clean.
  • It exist permanently, and are renewable again.
  • Renewable energy is easy to use based on simple techniques and mechanisms.
  • Renewable energy in Egypt is very economical;
    the cost of energy production from renewable sources depends on the amount of money spent on infrastructure.
    Thus, the cost of producing energy from renewable sources is more stable than others
  • The collected energy, besides, can be used during the day by storing it in batteries
  • The possibility of establishing small stations:
    There are many types of renewable energy that can be used in remote areas or urban areas such as solar panels and wind farms,
    as small low cost stations can be created which reduces the waste of energy transfer from main stations.


Uses of Renewable Energy

In Homes:

 Solar energy is used to facilitate household work such as: bathing,
cleaning, and washing, 
which is one of the cheapest renewable energy available.

In Industry:

  • Water distillation.
  • Used in the speakers operating system
  • Another use for solar energy is in food factories, plastics, bakery and dyeing,
    and in heating and evaporation processes.
  • Used in battery chargers and generators.
  • Electricity Generation  to illuminate villages and remote areas:
    Generation of electricity, for instance, 
    from solar energy is one of the most important sources of renewable energy. Hence, certainly, it does not cause any environmental pollution,
  • Finally, operation of desalination units.

In Agricultural field

  • Running solar irrigation pumps that are useful in raising and reaching irrigation water for agricultural land.
  • Solar energy is also used in drying agricultural products.
  • Run solar heating; therefore, it is used to warm some plants that need warmth and heat in winter.

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