Power House owns, operates, maintains and packages a very large and diverse fleet of pumps that can be readily used for different applications.

Diesel & Electric-Driven Pumps

  • CENTRIFUGAL (Single-Stage, Multistage/Submersible)


  • Crude Oil Pumping
  • Water Flooding
  • Water Injection
  • Water Disposal
  • Water Treatment

Water Injection Pumping Station (AGIBA: Meliha Field)

Byron Jackson pumps disposing 20,000 BPD of water in disposal well at a 750 PSI discharge pressure

Crude Oil Shipping Pumping Station (Petrobel)

Crude Oil Pumping Stations (BAPETCO: Neag-1 Field)

Crude oil shipping at 15,000 BPD and 6,000 BPD

air evaporators
power house

Packaging 350Q-5 Quintuplex Plunger Pump With Diesel Engine

air evaporators

Pumps Performance Testing Facility

-Possibility for Testing 4 Pumps Simultaneously
-Reliable Flowrate and Pressure Gauges
-Testing of Pressures Up to 100 Bars

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