PT Analyzer and Where to Get it from?

PT Analyzer and Where to Get it From

We run the danger of converting our field staff into test set operators rather than qualified field service technicians as test equipment grows more advanced with higher features and accuracy. 

In the hopes that the findings he records are accurate, a test set operator connects the leads, presses the buttons, and records the data. 

The leads are connected, the buttons are pressed, and the results are recorded by a test professional. 

To convert larger system voltages to lower control voltages that are more practical from an equipment, operating, and safety standpoint, PT analyzer is required in a power system for metering and protective relaying.

The test technician, however, is aware of what the test set was doing and why when all the lights were flashing. 

When the test equipment breaks down, the technician can assess the data and decide if a repeat test using other connections or additional equipment is required. 

Current transformer features

Full-featured devices not only meet the test requirements for different CTs (including TP class), such as the excitation characteristics ratio, polarity, secondary winding resistance, secondary burden, ratio error, and phase displacement.

But can also be used for the tests of different PT analyzer types, including the excitation characteristics of the electromagnetic unit, ratio, polarity, secondary winding resistance, ratio error, and phase displacement.

Automatically provide the knee point voltage and current, 10% error curve, accuracy limit factor (ALF), instrument security factor (FS).

second time constant (Ts), remanence coefficient (Kr), saturated and unsaturated inductance, etc. for CT and VT characteristics.

Test meeting IEC60044 GB1208 (-1) In line with the different transformer types and levels of automated selection, GB16847 (IEC60044-6) emerged among other transformer standards.

Based on an innovative low-frequency test methodology capable of passing the CT test at knee voltages of up to 30 KV.

Beautiful, all-Chinese visual interface, friendly interface

2000 sets of test data may be stored on the instrument, and they won’t be lost in case of power failure. 

After the test is over, the results can be transferred by USB drive to a PC for analysis and creation of a WORD report.

One click may perform the CT secondary resistance, excitation, ratio, and orality tests. The test is straightforward and practical, as it weighs less than 9 kg, it is simple to carry.

PT Analyzer benefits

  • Quick testing
  • Easy connection
  • Maximum Accuracy
  • Convenient & Lightweight
  • Significant Interference Rejection

Why choose Power House?

Since 1993, Power House has been a major private Egyptian firm that has been functioning as an Integrated Service Provider in the domains of Power Generation, Pumping, Gas Compression, Air Compression, and Electromechanical Contracting. Power House has been awarded the ISO certification.

Our company is a one-stop shop that provides integrated energy, pumping, and electromechanical solutions. 

Our headquarters are located in the outskirts of Cairo in a city called the 6th of October, and we identify ourselves as a one-stop shop.

Power House is one of the most well-known and well-established businesses in Egypt in the field of packaging and renting Diesel and Gas Generators, Gas Compressors, PT analyzers and Pumps, and it is among the largest of the Egyptian enterprises in this sector. 

We offer an in-stock availability of a big fleet of diverse and curated equipment that may be very rapidly and efficiently mobilized for rental: We take care of the packing, testing, shipping, installation, and commissioning of the equipment at the customer’s location.

Our more than three decades of expertise in the Egyptian and Middle East African markets.

As well as our concentration on providing our customers with the greatest possible cost savings, the shortest possible lead times, and the finest quality integrated solutions, set us apart from our rivals.

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