Sukari Gold Mine

Load Test for Wartsilla (18V32) Diesel Generators 40 MW

The challenge to the customer

After securing the order to supply 5 Diesel engines for a new production platform, SGM contacted Power House for a load test solution. Each diesel engine rated at 8 MW with a voltage of 6.3 KV (primary)/440V (secondary) and a power factor of 0.8.

Power House’s Solution

Power House Load bank rental solution gave the customer the ability to supply load from 0 to 100% in order to check various engine parameters such as vibration, temperatures, fuel consumption and performance of ventilation.

The hiring is for the 4 x 2MW load bank containers, offered and placed on SGM yard together with the 4 x 2MVA transformers, 6.3 KV (primary)/440V (secondary) included the supply of a switchgear with 05 MV circuit breakers and the associated monitoring/protection relays: 01 CB (1250 Amps) for main income from substation and 04 CB’s (200-250 amps each) to supply the 4 x 2 MVA transformers. Also included all necessary cable and accessories to connect, test and run the load banks from distribution board and connect the main incomer onto board.

Benefits to the customer

Power House’s turnkey package gave the customer confidence that their equipment would function properly. In addition, the load bank test possibly prevented an expensive engines failure. Power House’s solution alleviated our customer’s concern over equipment efficiency allowing them to concentrate on other aspects of their project.