Electric Switchboards

Power House covers a wide range of Low Voltage panels, Currently Power House is certified panel builder in Egypt for the Low voltage panels up to 4000 Ampere, building panels according to the IEC 439-1 / EN 60439-1 standard all panels are supplied as Purchase, Rental, Leas to purchase and covering the ranges of:
  • Main & Sub-main Distribution panels, Floor Mounted, made of cold rolled sheets 1.5/2 mm thickness with anti-corrosion Electrostatic surface painting. These panels are suitable for many applications such as industrial buildings, public buildings, infrastructure and oil & gas sectors ….. Etc.
  • Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) and Manual Transfer Switch (MTS) panels 1 out of 2, 2 out of 3 and 3 out of 5.
  • Power Factor correction panels.
  • Lighting Panels.
  • Motor Control Panels, DOL, star delta, Soft starter, VSD Panels.
  • Synchronization panels.
  • Explosion Proof (EX) panels.
  • Protection panel for pumps.
  • Operation Panel for generators.
  • Automation Panels.


Power House use a comprehensive AMF controller (InteliGen®) which gives a total integrated solution for Gen-sets in standby and parallel modes with multiple engine support.

A complete quality assurance procedure is carried out for all components and materials during the design, material procurement and production. This is in addition to the final quality inspections which include: 1st routine test:
Inspection of the assembly, Inspection of wiring, Electrical operation test, Panels Conformity with drawings and parts list, conductors and devices marking, visual inspection of bus bars , etc ....

2nd routine test:
Insulation test , for 230/400 V rated operational voltage panels , a 2500 volt - 50 Hz test voltage is applied for 5 seconds between live parts & the enclosure.

3rd routine test:
Protective measures, Check for the presence of barriers to protect against direct and indirect contacts with live parts.

Power House produces the non standard panels such as High degree of protection panels up to IP67, stainless steel panels, explosion proof panels and special dimensions panels.