Integrated Solutions

Power House is one of the few leading integrated power generation solution providers, delivering complex solutions to our customers in the Oil & Gas, Mining, Construction, Industrial and Media sectors.


Our Integrated solutions include:

Integrated Services


An integrated solutions contract delivers managed Power House services, products, and third parties, and includes an ISPM-trained integrated services project Manager  (ISPM). The ISPM is the focal point of contract between the project owner and the various Power House services, ensuring that project objectives are aligned with Integrated Solution principles.


Early Production Facilities


Early Production Facilities (EPF) services encompass the entire scope of services necessary in constructing or changing the construction of existing facility. This service covers all aspects of facility design, planning, construction, commissioning, and also the operation and maintenance.

The scope includes supply or rental of API crude oil tanks, crude oil pumps, production separators, heater treaters, piping, isolation valves, PLC control of different systems, etc…..


Gas Compression Systems


Gas Compression Facilities (GCF) Services

The scope includes supply or rental of API gas compressors, scrubbers, coolers, control panels PLC control for the whole system.

Low Temperature Separation Facilities


Low temperature Separation Services (LTSS)

The scope includes the supply & rental of complete low temperature separator systems including dehydration systems, gas compressors, Joule Thomson valves, coolers & PLC controllers, Etc…… 


Power House offers these solutions through a proven integrated project management methodology that includes the following elements:

  • Project Management

Our trained project managers control the financial, timeframes, man-hours and quality of an integrated project effectively  to deliver solutions on-time, within budget at the appropriate quality levels.

  • Contract Management

We devote great attention to drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts that balance the requirements of the customer with the obligations of Power House.

  • Our Quality engineers

Quality engineers are involved in every stage of the project from incoming material inspection to final service delivery.

  • Our experienced engineers

Design integrated solutions and develop Bill of Material that complies with applicable codes while minimizing cost of delivery.


Risk management


Power House provides customized temporary power solutions to help reduce business risk or to rapid and effectively solve issues when they occur.

Our reliable equipment, timely deployment and skilled team will work closely with your organization in order to guarantee continuity and reduce risk for your business.