Selling Electric Power

  • Power House has the official legal license to produce, transmit and distribute electric power all over Egypt. Power House is a certified IPP (Independent Power Producer) by the Egyptian Ministry of Electricity.
  • This is the process of building a special power generation station and / or power transformer station to satisfy the customers needs . This process may involve building the electrical infrastructure for the client.
  • Electric Power Generation can be achieved on low, medium or high tension voltage.
  • Power House takes the complete responsibility of the operation and maintenance of the power station.
  • Electric Power is sold via Kilowatt hour meters at an agreed tariff, through Power Purchasing contracts.
  • Power House supplies Electric Power Plants as BOO, BOOT, for Off-Grid or On-Grid areas.
  • This is used when the electric grid is not available or when the electric grid is available but, connection point is very far or with low reliability or with poor quality or when heat is required in addition to electric power…
  • In this case, the heat of exhaust and jacket cooling water are fed to the customer facility (Co-generation).


Benefits of purchasing electric power from Power House



  • Substantial saving in capital cost for the client.
  • Power House takes the responsibility of financing the purchase of all related equipment such as electric generators, synchronizing panels, distribution panels, fuel tanks, fire alarm & fire fighting systems, etc…
  • According to Power House Governmental License for Selling Electric Power, Off-Taker bills will be exempt from sales tax.
  • Power House is fully responsible for supplying clean, reliable, high quality electric power, Customers do not have to worry about the critical complicated tasks of operating a power station.
  • Quick, installation & commissioning of the power station due to the general availability of in-stock equipment possessed by Power House. The vast previous experience of Power House in this field allows for proper selection of material, fast delivery, correct installation & quick start up.
  • Power House has actually performed several projects using diesel generators & gas generators, these gas generators are reliable and economic thus substantially reducing the cost per kilowatt hour.