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1- Positive Material Identification

2- Nondestructive Tools and Services

Our Services

1- Positive Material Identification Niton XL2 GOLDD includes XRF tools for metal alloy identification, mining and exploration, lead-based paint testing, RCRA metals in soil, toy and consumer goods testing, and many other analysis needs. The performance leading Niton XL2 GOLDD provides cost-effective high speed performance, point and shoot simplicity, and an integrated camera. This device provides you with many distinct advantages such as:  Light element detection (Mg, Al, Si, S, P) without helium purge vacuum.  Completely non-destructive testing.  Official printed certifications.
2-Nondestructive Tools and Services: o Visual Inspection and Test (VT) A highly qualified welding inspector shall be personally present during the welding operation. His assignment is to ensure that the welding process is performed as per the quality standards of welding by monitoring the following items: ▪ Welders Certificates ▪ Weld Joint Preparation ▪ Condition of Electrodes ▪ Welding Techniques ▪ Weather Conditions ▪ Welding Current ▪ Welding Machines and tools ▪ Slag cleaning ▪ Incomplete Welding
o Dye Penetrant Test (PT)

The dye penetrant test detects all surface discontinuities basically by
penetrating and magnifying discontinuities size. There are two methods of
the penetrant test (visible and fluorescent) with three removal systems
(water, solvent, and emulsifiable).
Cracks, undercut, porosity, and other defects can be detected with the
penetrant test.
DPT is very simple, sensitive and quite portable
which can be used for all types of metals. DPT can be
done according to AWS D1.1, ASME V or API 1104

o Magnetic Particle Test (MPT)

The magnetic particle test with yoke is the most commonly utilized method to detect surface and near-surface defects with the principle of producing magnetic field at any magnetic material and identifying any flaws that transverse the magnetic field. Dry and wet are the two types of magnetic particles used in this test. MP test is more sensitive than dye penetrant test for its ability to detect the defects which are not exposed to the surface up to 1/8 inch deep./ MPT can be done according to AWS D1.1, ASME V, or API 1104.

o Ultrasound Test (UT)

One of the best techniques to inspect butt welds on steel structures, tanks, pipes or boilers is the ultrasonic test. Based on the propagation of sound waves through material and the reflected echo from density, changes are the principle of this technique. The ultrasonic test consists of an electronic-based unit, piezoelectric transducer, and calibration blocks. Soundness of weld, thickness of material and other mechanical properties can be inspected by an ultrasonic technique. In addition to evaluation of discontinuities varies according to the code. Ultrasonic test can be done according to
ASME V, AWS D1.1, and API 110.

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