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Because we know, how much you need Gas Compressors in your industrial process; Power House Egypt provides you with the best gas compressors for rent, and for sale. The Natural Gas Compressors rental is one of best our best solutions in the field of power, as we provide a wide range of gas compressors for our clients.

Benefits of Natural Gas Compressors

Before moving to the main point: benefits of Natural Gas Compressors; you should ask why do we compress Gas? The action (compression) is used almost in every industrial sector. We used the compressed gas for many reasons, such as:
1- The Downstream sector: Gas compressors are used to guarantee safety and high quality products, because they help in removing the liquids from gases.
2- The Midstream Sector:
In the Midstream sectors; gas compressors are used to move gas to the next pipes.
3- The Upstream Sector: Gas Compressors are used in this level to help in lifting liquids to the surface. They also used in disposing fugitive emissions (VRS), because they have the ability to compress the low pressure gas off tanks.

Sizes of Natural Gas Compressors

There are three sizes of natural gas compressors, depending on your industrial needs, and the quantity of gas that you intent to generate; such as the following:
1- The Small Size Natural Gas Compressor: They also called VRU, which stands for Vapor Recovery Unit. They can be used in gathering fugitive gases, and sending these gases to the combustor or flare. An example of the small size natural gas compressor is the single-stage compressor.
2- The Medium Size Natural Gas Compressor: They can be found at locations like wellheads, or small gathering systems.
3- The Large Size Natural Gas Compressor:  They can be found at the compressor stations, and like the medium size compressors we have different types depending on the diameter of the pipe.

Power House Services

If you are looking for a Natural Gas Compressor Rental, or a natural gas compressor for sale, you can fit what fits your need at Power House.

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