Mining Sector

Mining Sector

Power House provides major mining companies with power generation solutions.

Typical applications include:

  • Power House provides all electric generators which are built to ensure an uninterruptible power supply to all tough and demanding mining applications.
  • Power during the construction phases of a new mine.
  • Power for the extension of existing mine capacity.
  • Additional power for production peaks.
  • Emergency power during unplanned outages.
  • Testing the generator, if site load is not possible, Power House can provide temporary load banks to simulate full generator output.
  • Dust suppression watering systems.
  • Diesel engines and electric motor driven pumps.
  • PLC monitoring systems.


Our human resources experience in power within the mining Industry.

  • In the event of a failure in service, our technicians can fault find mechanical and electrical problems which can be rectified on site or within our extensive workshop facilities.
  • Additional services include up-front engineering with on-site care and maintenance support, in line with mining standards and regulations.