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o Vibration Measurement and Analysis
You can ensure your equipment availability and increase productivity by
measuring the vibration limits as per International Standards to avoid
accidental shutdown and maintain the critical equipment by monitoring the
radial and axial vibration and its parts such as bearings and gearboxes.
Devices specifications:-
1- PCE-VT 2700
– Frequency range: 9 Hz … 1 kHz (in 1 kHz mode) / 9 Hz … 10 kHz
(in 10 kHz mode) acceleration; 10 Hz … 1 kHz velocity
– Resolution: 0.1 m/s2 / 0.1 yd/s2; 0.1 mm/s /0.003 in/s ; 1 μm /
3.3814e-14 oz ;1rpm
– Accuracy: ± 5% of reading + 2 digits
– ISO calibration certificate included.


- Fluke 810

Standard faults Unbalance, looseness, misalignment and bearing
Analysis for Motors, fans, blowers, belts and chain drives,
gearboxes, couplings, centrifugal pumps, piston pumps, sliding
vane pumps, propeller pumps, screw pumps, rotary
thread/gear/lobe pumps, piston compressors, centrifugal
compressors, screw compressors, closed coupled machines,
Machine rotational speed ranges from 200 rpm to 12000 rpm
Diagnosis details Plain-text diagnosis, fault severity (slight,
moderate, serious, extreme), repair details, cited peaks and


o Balancing Test
We offer rotor balancing up to the weight of
1100 kg, max diameter is 1580 mm, and max distance between cardan joint
flange and centerline of the farthest is 1000 mm.


o Diesel Injectors and Injection Pumps Testing
Ensures your fuel system is working economically, improves diesel engine
reliability, decreases downtime and lower maintenance costs.
Tests all types of fuel injectors and fuel injection pumps.


o Lubricant Oil Analysis Service
Lubricant Oil Analysis is one of the condition-based monitoring and
predictive maintenance tools that can help the maintenance team to detect
and predict unexpected failures for machine lubricants including engine and gear box oils, hydraulic, power steering, and transmission fluids.
The Micro Lab provides immediate test data results as well as actionable,
corrective advice that can be easily understood by field operators. The
system can also be set up to send email&warning alerts as soon as abnormal or critical test results are found. It is the ideal tool for condition-based monitoring of high-use, reciprocating engines like high-mileage FL fleet trucks or heavy equipment used on location in industries like mining and maritime.


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