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Power House provides a wide range of proven solutions for testing power generation and UPS units through load banks, which can prevent the risk of costly power failures.

Service Details

Power House offers rental and purchase options of a wide range of Step-up and step-down transformers up to 5 MVA (for 380 V, 440 V, 600 V, 2000 V, 3300 V, 4160 V, 6600 V, 11000 V or 22000 V; and 50 Hz and 60 Hz).

Transformers’ containers are equipped with:

-Robust sound-proof and weather-proof features with certified lifting lugs.

-Packaged low and medium tension switchgear.

-Full and comprehensive electronic protection systems against Over/Under voltage , Phase failure, Phase sequence, Short Circuit, Overload, Earth leakage, Differential current, Phase unbalance.

-Fire-alarm system and fire-fighting system.

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