How a Nitrogen Generator Works

nitrogen generation system

Natural gas-powered generators emit significantly fewer emissions than their gasoline and diesel-powered counterparts. Since natural gas is transported through gas pipelines, natural gas generators often have.

The lowest operating costs and do not require any storage because the natural gas is readily available.

The installation of a nitrogen generation system, as well as its ongoing maintenance, can be quite pricey. 

Nitrogen generators are the best to offer a less hazardous alternative and does not carry the same danger of causing bodily injury or damaging laboratory property. 

Types of gas generators

    • Whole House generator
    • Portable generator
    • Inverter generator
    • Gasoline generator 
    • Diesel generator 
    • Solar generator
  • Natural Gas generator 

Why are natural gas generators better?

  • Dependability
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Clean burning 

By capturing and utilizing field gas, natural gas plants can reduce the negative impact that their harmful emissions have on the surrounding environment. 

This is the gas that is produced from wellheads during drilling operations.

Typically, this gas is destroyed through a process known as flaring, which eliminates hundreds of billions of cubic feet of gas on an annual basis.

  • Easy to use

As natural gas generators emit fewer emissions, they’re not held to as severe regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency or other local authorities. This should make acquiring a permission to operate one easier.

It also permits them to act as non-emergency generators, which means they can be employed in cost-saving operations like peak shaving

Why considering nitrogen generators?

Nitrogen generators remove nitrogen from the ambient air that people breathe daily and replace it with compressed air to make nitrogen gas. 

Nitrogen makes up 78 percent of the atmosphere, whereas oxygen is only 21 percent. 

Not only does having a nitrogen generation system eliminate the trouble of having to change over cylinders. However, it also delivers an uninterrupted supply of gas that is of a consistent purity level.

Pressure Swing Adsorption pressure swing adsorption or membrane nitrogen generators are the two technologies that can produce this uniformity.

How exactly does a nitrogen generation system work?

Nitrogen generators can be either permanent or mobile pieces of technology, and their primary function is to extract nitrogen gas from the air around them. 

Two broad groups account for the majority of the on-site nitrogen generating systems deployed in industrial settings:

  • PSA nitrogen generators, which stand for pressure swing absorption
  • Membrane nitrogen generators

Nitrogen generator’s benefits 

  • Time savings 

As industrial customers’ need for nitrogen gas increases, the companies can avoid having their operations shut down when they generate nitrogen on-site. 

Every year, industrial customers suffer enormous losses in terms of both time and money due to downtime brought on by logistics problems associated with shipping compressed nitrogen gas cylinders from vendor locations. 

So, if you have a nitrogen generation system on demand, you can rest assured that your processes will always have access to a supply of highly pure gas around the clock.

  • Cost Savings

It is more cost-effective to generate nitrogen on-site instead of acquiring the gas from third-party suppliers because of the savings realized on the cost of shipping and storage. 

How reliable are nitrogen generators?

Systems that generate nitrogen gas on-site actually tend to be safer than those that use nitrogen gas from cylinders.

Leaks of highly concentrated nitrogen gas from cylinders that have been damaged can be hazardous to human health in significant quantities; this is especially true when the gas is present in enclosed areas. 

When using a PSA or membrane filtering system, there is less of a need to store these containers, which helps to lessen the hazards connected with doing so.

Why choose Power House?

Power House delivers the best high-purity on-site nitrogen generation system for rent at competitive rates with the industry’s best. Our goal is to provide you with the highest possible clean energy standard in the shortest possible amount of time and at the lowest possible cost.

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