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Gas Compressors Services

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Considerable amounts of potentially wasted flare gas can be saved by employing gas compression packages

These packages are well suited for gas gathering, gas boosting, gas processing,….

Packages are fully equipped and include a skid, cooler, control panel, scrubbers, and pulsation dampers.

Service Details

TypePackage 1:
Gas engine-driven multistage reciprocating compressor package
Package 2:
Electric motor-driven multistage reciprocating compressor package
Gas compressor
Dresser Rand (Model 5.5 RDS4) 3-stage Reciprocating gas compressors
Dresser Rand (A-VIP4 , 3.5" stroke) 3-stage Reciprocating gas compressor
Prime mover
Waukesha (Model 7042 GSI) Gas Engine
Electric Motor (500 kW, 380 V, 50 Hz)
Typical operating conditions
-Inlet Pressure: 50 to 200 psi
-Flow Rate: 10 MMSCFD
-Outlet Pressure: 1,000 to 1,200 psi

-Inlet Pressure: 0 to 50 psi
-Flow Rate: 2 MMSCFD
-Outlet Pressure: 500 psi

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