Electrical test and measurement


Our Services Include

1- Earth Resistance Measurement 
2- Thermal Imager:
3- Winding Insulation Measurement (low voltage& high voltage)
4- Power Analysis

Our Services Include

– Earth Resistance Measurement

The Most reliable Tester!
The Fluke 1625-2 is a unique earth ground tester that can perform all four
types of earth ground measurements:
• 1- and 4-pole fall-of-potential (using stakes).
• 2-pole soil resistivity testing (using stakes).
• 3-Selective testing (using 1 clamp and stake).


 Thermal Imager:

The Thermal Imaging Service is one of the condition-based monitoring and
predictive maintenance tools that can help the maintenance team detect
and predict unexpected failures for the following:
– Electrical panels
– Power Cables
– Rotating Equipment
– Heat Exchanger


-Winding Insulation Measurement (low voltage& high voltage)
Sometimes the drop at insulation resistance is sudden as when the
equipment is flooded.However,it drops gradually giving a plenty of warnings if checked periodically. Such checks permit planned reconditioning before
service failure. If there are no checks, a motor with poor insulation, for
example, may not only be dangerous to touch when voltage is applied, but also is subject to burn out.
Together with periodical insulation measurement for motors, cables,
alternators or others according to a time plane to implement manufacturer
recommendation, or create a predictive maintenance plan or to check the
electrical equipment after rewinding or even to undertake insulation
improvement, you can guarantee no failure conditions because of insulation.


Power Analysis

Applying the Power Analysis Service for single-phase or balanced three-
phase, provides you with all the power measurements you need (3Ph ‒ V ‒ I Cos Ø ‒ Irms – …). It will enable you to measure and qualify your electrical
network harmonics. An in-rush mode for starter currents will show your
waveform in details during several seconds and recording up to one week,
giving you a full vision with details to make good decisions and apply
efficient plans.


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