Load Banks testing 10MW power station (Gas Generators)
at 11,000V (Borg El Arab Station)
The test was conducted at 11000V and 11/0.4 KV transformers, with a connection to a 10MW-400V load bank. A separate control panel consisting of 15 keys was
developed to control the required capacities
from 50KW to 10,000KW. Cabling provided reached lengths of up to 1700 meters.
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10 MW Diesel generator power station featuring 22,000 V step-up
transformers-Egyptian steel co.
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Load banks testing 8 MW power station
(Diesel generators)-Sokari Mine
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Load Banks

• Heady-duty resistive load banks of up to 30MW.
• Fine step loads (Down to 1 KW).
• Can operate on both DC and AC loads (50/60 HZ).
• Suitable for both of onshore and offshore applications.


Step-up and step-down Transformers covering a wide range of voltages from 380V to 22,000V.

Electrical Panels

• Certified low voltage panels and medium voltage panels (RMU).
• Synchronization Panels.
• VSDs (Variable Speed Drives) Up to 630 kW
• PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers)

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