the best prices for electrical distribution panels

Any system supplying electricity and feeding its branch circuits with electrical energy, depends on the use of electrical distribution panels, which have the primary role of distributing the electrical current to all areas within the facility or the building it is installed in.

The prices of electricity distribution panels are available in varying ranges, depending on the type of panel, the place in which it will be installed, the role it plays, as well as the size in which it is available, and there are several types of electrical distribution panels.. we will learn about them in the following lines.

What are the types of electrical distribution panels?

Primarily, it must be emphasized that electrical distribution panels can be installed inside homes, industrial facilities, or generally outside, such as on bridges or in the streets. There are some specifications that electrical panel manufacturers in Egypt are keen to meet in these panels.

And among the most distinguishable features which are available in electrical distribution panels, is that they can prevent gas leakage as well as dust and water leakage, all of which are characteristics and features that help electrical panels perform their role. 

Returning to the types of electrical distribution panels, manufacturers provide these types, namely: public panels, electrical distribution panels in service areas, load bank panels, ATS electrical panels or automatic switching panels, service electrical panels, distribution electrical panels

Learn about the components of an electrical distribution board

There are two or three sections that make up the electrical distribution board, and each section is a group of cells responsible for the entry and exit of electric current, in addition to measuring cells that connect two sections with each other. 

The cell responsible for connecting two sections together is called a rod linker cell, but if the goal is to connect the three sections, two-rod link cells are used. 

As for the electrical panels for buildings, their components include circuit breakers next to the main circuit breaker for all circuits, and in this case, the role of the electrical distribution board is to control the amount of electrical energy flowing from the source.

How is the electrical distribution board manufacturing process?

In order to obtain an electrical distribution panel, you must go through a group of stages and at the end, you will get the final product. The process of manufacturing electrical panels begins by forming metals and ends with filling them. 

Below we will learn about the stages of manufacturing electrical panels:

* Cut sheet metal.

* Forming a stereoscopic electrical panel and performing the welding process. 

* Treatment and coverage. 

* Drying the paint inside the ovens.

* Assembling the painting parts manually. 

* The final stage is packaging.

When you want to search for the appropriate electrical panel for the goal you want to achieve, you must choose the company that offers you the best product as well as the cheapest and best prices for electrical distribution panels in Egypt, but you should not neglect to make sure that this company provides you with proper after-sales services of the same quality.

Power House Egypt is one of the best electrical panel manufacturers in Egypt that provides the best electrical panel services in the Egyptian market and can manufacture high-quality distribution panels, and we provide our customers with a lot of time-consuming steps.

We have a great precedent in everything related to the provision of renewable energy services, and we have contributed to the success of many projects by manufacturing the appropriate electricity distribution panels for them, which helped them a lot in their work, and our prices are not great compared to the services we provide, especially concerning after-sales maintenance. 

If you have a desire to obtain electrical distribution panels that help you in your work, Just select what you want, the goal of acquiring an electrical distribution panel and contact us.

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