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Power House has the official legal license to produce, transmit and distribute electric power all over Egypt. Power House is a certified IPP (Independent Power Producer) by the Egyptian Ministry of Electricity.

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1-Power House is a certified IPP (Independent Power Producer) by the Egyptian Ministry of Electricity, meaning that the company holds the official legal license to produce,  transmit and distribute electric power all over Egypt. This also implies that Off-Taker bills will be exempt from sales tax.

2-Substantial saving in capital cost for the client: Power House is eventually responsible for financing the purchase of all related equipment such as electric generators, synchronizing panels, distribution panels, fuel tanks, fire alarm & fire fighting systems…

3-Competitive costs of kilowatt hours: Power House is one of the very few companies in Egypt to not only offer Diesel generators but also Gas generators which produce cleaner and cheaper electric power than their counterparts.

4-Quicker solutions

Power House prides itself as being one of the quickest companies in Egypt in fulfilling its customers electric needs. This is possible thanks to the in-stock availability of a large fleet of electric generators and to the company’s substantial expertise in mobilization, installation & commissioning.


5-Large number of options that will fit the specific customers’ needs:


-Rental, purchase or lease to purchase options

-Large fleet of tested new and used generators.

-Power generating systems cover wide ranges: 150 KVA to 30,000 KVA, 50Hz or 60Hz and for low and medium voltages (600 V, 2000 V, 3300 V, 4160 V, 6,600 V, 11,000, 22,000 V using step up transformers & its related switchgear)

-Availability of both diesel generators and gas generators, as well as a combined fuel (diesel/gas) systems.

-Availability of Custom sound- and weather-proof systems for generators

-Availability of Hazardous area solutions for generators in classified areas

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