Diesel generator troubleshooting and how to maintain it?

Diesel generator troubleshooting

No matter whether you need it as a primary or standby power source, having a generator on your construction site is critical to maintaining a high level of production.

In addition, you should give some thought to obtaining many generators so that in the event that there is a power outage, you will always have a backup and will be able to continue running your business.

Each variety is optimal for a certain set of circumstances and functions, and it also features a number of benefits and drawbacks.

Find out more about diesel generator troubleshooting, as well as the cost of using a diesel generator, so that you can choose the option that best matches your requirements.

What is diesel generator?

Diesel generators are very useful devices that convert diesel fuel into energy. In order to generate power, these devices combine a diesel engine with an electric generator. 

Diesel generators may be found in a wide range of sizes.

Combustion is the process by which diesel generators convert some of the chemical energy included in diesel fuel into the same amount of mechanical energy.

This mechanical energy is then used to spin a crank, which generates electricity. Electric charges are subsequently created in the wire by passing it through a magnetic field.

In most cases, the magnetic field of an electric generator is produced by two polarized magnets, which are located on the crankshaft of the diesel generator.

Diesel advantages:

  • Requires a manageable amount of upkeep.

Because the engine of the generator requires fewer components to start, you won’t have to replace spark plugs or fix carburetors as frequently as you would with a gas engine. 

This is due to the fact that the generator’s engine requires less components to start.

  • Durability.

Diesel engines are known to be fairly durable in the workplace; as a result, they are able to sustain a significant amount of wear and tear in a variety of settings.

  • Safe and sound storage options

Even while it can catch fire, diesel has a far lower propensity to do so in comparison to other types of fuel, such as gasoline.

  • Power that is put out.
  • It is not difficult to obtain fuel.

On a regular basis, transportable diesel generators are loaded onto the trailers of diesel-powered trucks.

Because of this, it is not necessary for you to transport two distinct kinds of fuel while you are working.

Diesel generator troubleshooting

  • Battery has completely died.

The most typical issue that arises with generators is a power supply that has failed.

The failure of a battery will almost always necessitate either a partial or complete replacement in order to rectify the situation. 

A new battery should be purchased at least once every three years, as recommended by most specialists. 

  • Your fuel level is not correct.

Almost every generator has a built-in alarm system that notifies the user if the fuel level is either too high or too low. 

The majority of people are capable of figuring out the solution to the problem of low fuel levels, which is to simply add more gasoline to their generator. 

  • You have an oil, fuel, or coolant leak.

In the event that your generator set is dripping, it is in your best interest to get in touch with a trained professional who can come fix the problem or replace the relevant parts. 

On the other hand, your generator might occasionally report a leak even when there isn’t actually any leak at all.

This occurs when the generator that you are using does not run frequently enough. When this occurs, a phenomenon known as “wet stacking” can take place in the exhaust system. 

  • There is air present within the fuel system

Even a tiny amount of air trapped inside an injector can prevent the engine from starting. 

If an insufficient number of your injectors fire when the ignition is turned on, the engine of your generator won’t start. 

  • Your Auto-On function is not activated.

After a normal test or inspection, there is a remote possibility that your generator may not start because its automatic controls have been left in the “Off” position. 

Be sure that you not only keep a close eye on this yourself, but that you also have a solid understanding of the many features and configurations of your generator that could cause it.

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