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Fresh Graduated Engineer

6th of October, Full Time

Senior Mechanical Engineer

6th of October, Full Time

Benefits for Power House Employees

We offer daily free rides to bring our employees to work and then back home in the most comfortable manners through our buses and cars that cover the greater Cairo area. We also have free on-site parking and many of our employees carpool daily.
Becoming part of the Power House Family
We are engaged with the Power House family and committed to its wellbeing. Therefore, we financially contribute to employees’ events such as marriages, birthdays, death cases and addition to their families.
Medical coverage
We pride ourselves to offer a social security and medical care program with broad coverage and attractive benefits and prices. We cover half the monthly subscriptions.
Seasonal socials
We love having fun and we really like the people we work with! We organize off-site events focused on nothing but enjoying the best of every season with each other during Ramadan, feasts and other occasions.
We offer convenient housing in the 6th October City with very competitive prices. This encourages much of our employees to live close to their workplace saving them a lot of effort and time commuting through Cairo’s heavy traffic.
Fun at work
We are convinced that having fun at work makes employees healthier, happier and more productive. This is why our employees enjoy daily ping pong and table soccer games.

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With a vision of market needs, well trained motivated staff & teamwork “Power House “has achieved great success, high growth rate & respect of all clients. “Power House” became a leading Egyptian Company active in the field of power generation & its related logistics, with a large facility located in 6 of October City & employs a staff of more than 400 People.


Area 75, 6th Industrial Zone, 6th of October City Giza 12581, Egypt


+202 38280100
(+20) 12 2398 0045

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