Automatic Transfer Switch Types

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Automatic Transfer Switch Types

Different of Automatic Transfer Switch Types panels are nevertheless considered to be one of the main components of the power supply system, which divides the power supply into sub-circuits, providing a protection valve or circuit breaker for each circuit in a general container. Typically, a key or valve is also incorporated into the RCBO. Automatic Transfer Switch panel is the place where electricity is distributed from inside the building. Where the main supply cable comes in the plate, then it is distributed on the cutouts and from there to all circuits

Automatic Transfer Switch Types boards

The boards are divided in terms of effort to: High-pressure plates H.V Medium pressure plates M.V Low-pressure plates L, V

In terms of location and place of installation are divided into

– Indoor installation panels: These panels are installed inside the buildings to be protected from the weather factors and therefore does not cost the external body of the board very much. – Plates installed outside the building: These paintings that are left in the open, such as street lighting panels and paintings on the bridges, which must enjoy a number of specifications, including: “Gas leakage resistance, dust leakage resistance, water leakage resistance” The wires are inserted into these plates by metal pipes.

In terms of the nature of work, electric distribution boards are divided into:

– Distribution Boards – Transformer switchboards: which connect transformers and generators with feeding lines and loads – Operating boards

Where can we found Automatic Transfer Switch types boards?

Powerhouse Company manufactures Automatic Transfer Switch panels up to 4000 amperes in accordance with IEC 439-1 / EN 60439-1 standards.
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