Air Compressors Maintenance and Prices


Maintenance of the Air Compressor helps Save time and money by conducting a number of tests on a continuous basis to insure it’s healthy condition

7 Maintenance Steps for Air Compressor

  1. Read the Air Compressor manual because it is after simple tips that help get a long life for the air compressor
  2. Clean the entrance openings and check it regularly, especially if it works in a dusty or dirty environment.
  3. Inspect the hoses regularly and make sure they are checked and replaced if they are found to be cracked or damaged.
  4. Safety Stop Test: The function of this system is to turn off the compressor if it is too hot or if the engine oil pressure is too low. This test will help ensure that the compressor lasts longer.
  5. Check and change air filters as needed because the dirty air filter allows dirt to enter and exit Check filters regularly and change them if dust and dirt are pilled up and change them every six months.
  6. Clean the fuel tank periodically to ensure optimal operating conditions. Cleaning the engine on the air compressor once a year to remove any residual accumulation of fuel to maintain the life of the engine.
  7. Check and change compressor oil: every 500-1000 hours of use This oil should be changed to ensure maximum performance of the air compressor

Where can I maintain the air compressor?

Power House Egypt provides air compressor Services including sales, rental supply, installation and Maintenance services with the Best Prices in Egypt.

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