Air Compressor Rental

Air Compressor Rental

We come across a wide range of compressed air uses in our daily lives.

It may either be used to blow air or as a source of energy, and many of the things we use are either powered by it or made with it.

Getting the greatest deal on air compressors is seen as a blessing because we use compressed air all the time and it is essential.

From popping open a bottle of carbonated beverage to visiting the dentist, compressed air is used in routine tasks.

If you are looking for the best air compressor rental it is time to consider Power House.

Power House provides you with the most affordable Air compressor rates in Egypt, but first you should understand what compressed air is.

What is air compressor?

In its most basic form, it may be understood to refer to air that has been pressured to a level that is greater than that of the atmosphere.

The only difference between this air and the air that you typically breathe is that this air has been pressurized to a greater level and compressed into a smaller volume than the air that you regularly breathe.

Nitrogen (which accounts for 78%) and oxygen (which accounts for 20-21%) are the two elements that contribute the most to the composition of air. The remaining 1–2% of air is composed of a variety of gases and water vapor.

As air is compressed, the mixture of gases that make up air does not alter; these gases remain in the same proportions as before.

The air should be compressed into an area with a higher concentration, since this will cause the molecules of the air to move closer to one another.

You will get the finest deal on air compressors at Power House, but in order to take advantage of this deal, you will need to be familiar with the company and what it has to offer.

Types of air compressors that fits air compressor rental

  • Air compressors that reciprocate

This is the most prevalent kind of air compressor, and it compresses air by moving a piston back and forth inside a cylinder. 

They can deliver high pressure output for industrial applications and are available in single-stage and two-stage variants and is a great type when you’re thinking about air compressor rental.

  • Air compressors with rotary screws

Two spinning screws are used by rotary screw compressors to compress air. 

They can supply massive amounts of compressed air for extensive industrial applications and are built for continuous operation.

  • Axial air compressors

High-speed spinning impellers are used by centrifugal compressors to produce air pressure. 

They are perfect for significant industrial applications that need for lots of compressed air.

  • Air compressors that scroll

Two spiral components that interlock are used in scroll compressors to compress air. 

They are often employed in smaller applications, such air conditioners for homes or medical equipment.

  • Air compressors with axe

Air is moved parallel to the compressor’s axis by a set of blades used in axial compressors. 

They can produce high pressure for specific industrial applications and are frequently utilized in aeronautical applications

  • Air compressors on wheels

Because they are lightweight, portable, and tiny, portable compressors are perfect for usage in industries like construction and car repair.

Why Power House?

We are one of the top businesses in Egypt for air compressors, and we give you the finest deals.

Power House is a significant private Egyptian company that provides integrated services in the fields of power generation, pumping, gas compression, and air compression. It has been in operation since 1993.

Our business offers integrated energy, pumping, and electromechanical solutions from a single source.

We are one of the best-known and longest-running companies in Egypt when it comes to renting and renting out Diesel and Gas Generators, Gas Compressors, and Pumps. We are also one of the biggest companies in Egypt when it comes to this industry.

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