About Us

Power House Egypt

  • Founded in 1993; Headquartered in the 6th of October City (Cairo); Free Zone near Suez.
  • ISO-Certified 
  • Integrated Service Provider and Packager Delivering Turnkey Solutions: Oil & Gas Services, Power Generation, Pumping Services, Electromechanical Contracting and Water Desalination.
  • Focused on Achieving Highest Cost Savings, Fastest Lead Time and Top Quality Solutions For Our Clients.

About Us

Power House is a leading ISO-certified private Egyptian company operating since 1993 as an Integrated Service Provider in the fields of Power Generation, Pumping, Gas Compression, Air Compression and Electromechanical Contracting. We are headquartered in the suburbs of Cairo (6th of October City) and would describe our business as a one-stop shop for integrated energy, pumping and electromechanical solutions. Power House is among the largest and most renowned Egyptian companies in the packaging and rental business of Diesel & Gas Generators, Gas Compressors and Pumps. We have an in-stock availability of a large fleet of diversified and curated equipment that could be very quickly and efficiently mobilized for rental: We take care of the packaging, testing, shipping, installation and commissioning at the client’s site. Our 30+ years’ experience in the Egyptian and Middle East Africa market, our focus on delivering the highest cost savings, fastest lead times and top quality integrated solutions for our clients differentiate us from competitors.

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